Finding Pin-a-Go-Go

Pin-a-Go-Go is located within the Dixon Fairgrounds at:

655 South First Street
Dixon, California 95620

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Click on the map below to see where the show is on the fairgrounds. 


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The Dixon Fairgrounds (referred to all year long as the Dixon May Fair) is located in Solano County on Highway 113 just south of downtown Dixon. Guess what? About a stones throw from the buildings Pin-a-Go-Go resides in lies an RV park. We like to refer to it as PIN-a-GO-GO ViLLAGE. Click on fairgrounds map to the right to see proximity.

Imagine spending the weekend with a bunch of like-minded pinball enthusiasts right outside the doors of Pin-a-Go-Go! Why the possibilities are endless!

We do not rent the RV spaces, the fairgrounds office does. Below is some information from their website and a way to contact them.  


  • $30 per night, dump fee is $10


  • Water
  • Electric
  • Sewer

Check-out Time

  • Check-out time is 1:00 p.m.

Length of stay

  • Check with office

Number of Spots

  • 16


  • First come first served basis, but you do need to call ahead to see if there is availability due to ongoing events
  • Reservations accepted for large group

Contact Information for RV set-up

    Fair Office: 707-678-5529

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