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Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  When is the next Festival

Currently the festival always occurs in the month of May on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday following Mother's Day.

2.  How do I get tickets?

There are no pre-pay tickets for the Golden State Pinball Festival, please pay at the door.

3.  Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, and and there is also a conveniently located ATM at the fairgrounds office nearby.

4.  I own a business or I am an individual that would like to donate a raffle or auction item, how do I do that?

That's great, thanks! Contact us here.

5.  I want to bring my pinball machine, what do I do?

We like that! Read this.

6.  Where does all the money go?

This annual event is presented by the Northern California Pinball Association, a non-profit organization. The show is supported by pinball enthusiasts from all over the state and benefits local youth charities. Unpaid volunteers run the show and the games belong to local collectors who generously share their toys. Read more about it on the home page. 

Click here to see thank you letters from past benefactors.

7.  What can I do to help?

Bring a pinball machine to share or donate something nifty to the auction or raffle (see above)! You can also sign up to volunteer at our signup page.  Tell your friends about the show, too and send them a link to this website! Pinball is really fun and helping out a charity like this one gives you excellent Pinball Karma. 

8.  How do I get to Lodi, CA?

Lodi is about 45 miles from the Sacramento International Airport and about 90 minutes from San Francisco. Go to the Home page and half way down on the left see the section "Location".

9.  Where can I stay nearby?

First choice: GOLD BALL ViLLAGE!

other choices will be posted here closer to festival time.

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