Finding Pin-a-Go-Go

Pin-a-Go-Go is located within the Dixon Fairgrounds at:

655 South First Street
Dixon, California 95620

Show me a map to get to Dixon!

Click on the map below to see where the show is on the fairgrounds. 





To give us and others a heads up you are bringing a pin, first please READ the guidelines below and then use the form (below) to register the titles. Please note that PaGG will make every effort to provide a secure space for any machines brought in, and we will make a reasonable effort to keep them going thoughout the show, but we cannot be held responsible for any problems, damages/loss arising with any game while on the premises.

LOAD-IN: Note that we will be loading-in and setting up games on Thursday May 18, 9am-7pm, and you can too! We are NOT open that day for play, but if you can bring your games in on Thursday, please come on over! Levels, dollys and manpower are usually ready to help. Load-in also occurs Friday morning 8am-noon, show opens at 1pm.

Please be advised that game load-in or out while show is open will be through one side door only -- where shown on the clickable map to the right. If you bring a game while the show is in progress, check in at the front desk FIRST. Please note that the big roll-up door will be inaccessible each day once the show begins. 


Bringing games? Please Read:

We want to make sure that pinball players have a great selection of games to play the entire weekend.   Your help is appreciated!

This year we are making the buildings available all day and evening Thursday May 18th and most of the day Monday the 22nd so that it is more convenient for those bringing games to let them stay set-up for all of the show.

We encourage you to leave your game up the entire show, but understand if you cannot because you live far away (but PLEASE let us know this when checking in your game). We are not trying to discourage people from sharing or selling games, not at all. Rather we are trying to make sure that someone who comes to the show on Sunday afternoon has a good time and wants to return next year. That keeps the show strong year after year so we can all enjoy it.

Keep in mind the buildings have limited space. If you are thinking of bringing a game, submit your title now. Once set-up day comes, we will not be answering emails regularly nor able to check this website, we will be busy setting up the show.  

BUYERS AND SELLERS: This show has always been known for the great comradarie, friendliness of the participants and the fact that it's a great place to buy or sell a game! There is no charge if you sell a game at Pin-a-Go-Go, we'd appreciate it if you would please, if at all possible make a deal with the buyer to keep it at the show until 5pm on Sunday-- a great way to test all the components and make sure the game is tuned-in. Since pinball is disappearing from the wild into private homes (except for shows like this) everyone benefits when we all pitch in so that more people get exposed to mo' pinball! 



Hey You!

Bring 2 games to share for a free* weekend pass!         


*Free entry guidelines:

Games must be in working condition!

Games must remain on the premises for play until Sunday after 5pm.

If the show is in progress when you arrive with your game, come in the front door before you unload and check-in at the front desk FIRST.

Be prepared to give us your game keys for safekeeping (so we can fix stuck balls, etc. and keep 'er goin') or your cell phone number if you will be remaining on the premises for the duration of the show.  Non-working games are not fun for anyone and our intention is to have a show that people want to come back to, year after year :-).

Please tag your game with your name and if it's for sale, add your cell phone number. Traditional Pin-a-Go-Go tags are available at the show. Special game? Write about it on a card under the glass and let people know!

Please remember Pin-a-Go-Go is a non-profit event and the proceeds benefit local charities. We trust that the kind-hearted owners who bring games want to see the show improve every year and will keep their games on the floor until the show closes.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Saturday morning breakfast and all the pinball you can eat!
Again this year the GOGO management team will host a free light breakfast Saturday morning at 9am for those people who brought pinball machines to this year's show. Coffee, danish, fruit and all the pinball you can eat-- open ONLY to folks who brought games!

And NIFTY LED has created a limited edition lanyard that will ONLY be given to people who bring games and will include a name tag that says "I BROUGHT GAMES." Exclusive! Limited!

But wait... there's more! Bring more than two games and you will receive a free food ticket compliments of The Dixon Teen Center!

And what else do you get if you bring a game? Warm fuzzies - cause without games, there is no show and if there is no show how will people find out about how cool pinball is?

Hey! It's Pin-a-Go-Go time! We want your game but game pre-registration has ended. That does't mean you can't share your games with pinfolk! Just bring your game(s)and we will find a place to exhibit them! If you have more than 2 games, text a message to 707-761-6290 so you can be sure we can fit them in... we will get back to you as soon as we are able. Thanks!

 2017 Game List:


Some games show up without being posted, so if your fav-o-rite game is not listed, that doesn't mean it won't be available at the show. Remember, pinball machines are brought in by collectors that like sharing them with you-- and the silver ball is wild, so a game listed here could be out of order or missing when you attend the show.

 For a list of what was at the 2014 show, see the article on Pinball News.


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